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Movie Auditions

You may only dream of going on movie auditions, you may have been on hundreds of them already, but one thing is certainly true in both cases, then next one you go on could be the one that catapults you into stardom. How will you deal with it? Are you prepared for super-stardom and all the extra-curricular activities and distractions that come with it? Better yet, are you prepared to blow them away at all future movie auditions in order to bring your well-deserved super-stardom even closer?

Being prepared for movie auditions is no easy feat if you are not willing to do some serious mental work and face your own fears. Getting jacked up on espresso and chain-smoking cigarettes is one approach, but perhaps not the best one. When you do finally land that big role, you may not live long enough to make it all the way through the shooting schedule. Which means that you may be out there in the nether world, watching in horror as your best acting role ever is chopped up into pieces on the cutting room floor.

In order to avoid this eventuality, why not prepare for movie auditions by writing, memorizing, and reciting your own monologues? Although you may not use it in the actual audition, you will have it like an ace up your sleeve in case they ask you if you can recite a monologue or something just to demonstrate your chops. Practicing writing and memorization, and reciting from memory like this will also build your confidence and give you a stronger presence whether you're going on movie auditions or doing anything else that requires focus and concentration.

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