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Casting Calls

Succeeding at casting calls requires more than good looks and a bit of luck. Sometimes we wish there was a guide to take us through this experience, someone who could provide the necessary contacts and guidance required to help launch your career. Casting calls can be nerve-wracking, but the rewards can be life-changing.

To find casting calls, you can put up your own acting site on the World Wide Web. It's a great way to market yourself. You post a profile including your headshot and resume, and it's accessible 24/7 to agencies, casting directors, and production companies holding casting calls all over the country. You can also include audio and video clips.

Look for casting calls every day. Sometimes it pays off to submit yourself even if you don't think you're exactly perfect for the part. If you suspect that you could be, you may in fact be. It's possible that you may inspire the filmmaker or director to change his or her mind about the character. Maybe you've heard all about casting calls online. Your career can truly benefit by starting now. You'll be spending hours on your computer, keeping your resume up to date, editing photos, and looking for work. Watch it pay off as the casting call notices pour in!

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