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Why do you go on auditions? What is it that gives you the hope and the strength to go on auditions day after day, month after month, year after year, never knowing which one will be THE one that will land you the acting job of your life that gives a huge push forward to your career, launching you into super-stardom? Most people couldn't handle it, so kudos to you if you are out there hitting those auditions with everything you've got, sticking it out, and living for your dream.

There is no way around it, auditions are not the easiest thing to go through. Many people would crack under the pressure. Many do, and it's not a pretty site. It's like watching the end of the Iron-Man competition when that last contestant is crawling towards the finish line, collapsing two inches later in a pool of their own fluids, their spirit crushed, tears streaming down their face, paramedics rushing through the crowd. Thankfully, auditions do not have quite such a horrendous effect on those that do fall to pieces under the bright lights and brisk orders barked by a crusty Hollywood casting director, but it certainly can take it's toll, so be strong and don't let 'em getcha down.

Auditions are like fishing. You should prepare methodically and relax, relax, relax if you are going to be successful. Many people treat auditions like they are going to the store, forgetting that they in fact are the product, and they have to arm themselves with tools like a memorized poem, visualization techniques, and a positive, pleasant, and down-to-earth attitude that will set them apart from the rest.

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